Qualities of a skip

Qualities of a skip

Skills you need to be a top skip.
• You should be a master of the draw shot. It is probably the shot a skip uses most often than not in a game.
• You should observe the good skips playing; watch how they build heads and the shots they call their players to play. You should also watch how they conduct themselves on
the green.

• A skip must be able to play all the shots – the draw, the trail and the ‘chap and lie.’ By that I mean turn an opposing bowl and lie in its place. The player should also
be able to play the drive at various speeds up to the full out drive.
• Lastly, a top skip must be a good leader and earn respect from fellow team-mates.

What a skip expects from the lead.
• Jack placement – It is very important that a jack is not lost to the opposition when a game is tight or thrown all around the green when the skip wants it in a specific
• Drawing – The lead must be a good draw player to a bare jack.
• Adaptable – The lead should be able to draw to different lengths of jack – short, medium and long, and the lead should also be able to play with the mat up the green.
• Show an interest – The lead must be a good team player and show a bit of enthusiasm during the game.

What a skip expects from the two.
• Adaptable in shot play – The two must be a good draw bowler, but also a player that can play good positional bowls in and around the head.
• Playing weight – He/she must be good at the running shot and also the full drive if called upon.
• Encouragement – The number two must encourage the lead as they are both at the same end during play.

What a skip expects from the number three.
• Knowledge – The number three must have a good knowledge in building the head as he/she may be called upon for additional advice during a game.
• Adaptability – The number three should be able to play ALL the shots in the game, from the draw to the full drive.

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