Club Rules

Club Rules

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RULES and Bye-laws First Amendment 16/09/2011
The Club will be managed by a General Purposes Committee hereafter referred to as the G.P.C. The G.P.C. will be elected annually by Club
members present at the A.G.M. and entitled to vote. It will consist of members who have been elected in accordance with the correct procedure. It will be empowered to conduct the business of management, with complete authority to take whatever action is needed to safeguard the interests of the Club and its members.
It will consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Club Captain, Vice Captain, Junior Vice Captain, Match Secretary and Social Secretary to be known as Officers of the Club, and no more than five other Club members.The G.P.C. will appoint a small Management Group composed of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, and Social Secretary to facilitate the daily running of the Club. The Management Group shall be known as the Management Committee. The GPC will nominate three Officers to be responsible for management and supervision of the operation of the Licensed Bar facilities.
The G.P.C. is the only body empowered to engage or terminate paid staff appointments. In an emergency situation the Management Committee has this delegated authority.
Sub Committees may be formed from time to time if felt desirable or helpful.
The G.P.C. may co-opt members on to the G.P.C. to fill a vacancy up to the designated and required limit.
The G.P.C. shall meet regularly, at least every month on dates acceptable to its members. Minutes will be taken, recorded and kept. Five members shall constitute a quorum.
Membership shall be granted under the following headings
a) Full Membership
Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis.
The G.P.C. may refuse membership or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to an appointed panel consisting of Club members.
Membership shall be deemed to commence following acceptance by the G.P.C. and upon payment by the applicant of the subscription.
b) Holiday/Day Membership
Visitors may be elected as holiday/day members for short periods.
c) Honorary Life Members
Any full member shall have the right to nominate a member from amongst the full membership of the Club whom they consider deserves such reward for services to the Club. The proposer must present a written citation stating the reasons for the nomination and this must be seconded and presented to the committee for due consideration; they shall then forward the proposal to the general membership with their recommendation for approval at the next AGM.
d) Honorary Members The G.P.C. may propose members whom they consider have contributed to the Club’s good name, approval must be granted by the membership at the next AGM. Honorary Membership shall not be free; annual subscriptions must still be paid.
e) Junior members
Young persons up to the age of 17 may apply for Junior Membership with the same application process as full members. Any
application must be accompanied by a letter of consent from the parent/guardian. Membership is to be at a specially reduced
subscription rate. Full membership subscription will be payable in the year following their 18th birthday. Junior members shall not be entitled to vote, hold office, attend annual or special general meetings or introduce or sign in guests.2
They will be eligible to participate in the bowling activities of the Club including competitions and leagues, subject to the regulations of such competitions and leagues.
Any member wishing to resign should give notice in writing to the Secretary. If a member does not give his/her resignation in writing and allows his/her subscription to lapse then that person must re-apply for membership as a new member.
a) Subscriptions
The membership year begins on April 1st and subscriptions by way of non-refundable donation are due and payable by April 30th each year. The G.P.C. shall determine the level of subscriptions in each category of membership. The Secretary shall post a notice on the Clubhouse notice board giving the due date for payment and subscription rates.
Those failing to pay their subscription by the due date will be liable to forfeiture of membership, unless a satisfactory reason is given to the Secretary and accepted by the G.P.C. The Club and its facilities cannot be used by any person who fails to honour this ruling.
On and after January 1st until March 1st, half the current annual subscription shall be paid by new members or such amount determined by the G.P.C.
b) Identification
Members should be able to produce their Membership card, if requested by a Committee member, as proof of membership.
It is expected that Members conduct themselves in a manner likely to bring credit to themselves and the Club. In the event of reported misconduct any member may be summarily suspended by a member of the committee; an appearance before the G.P.C. could result in termination of that person’s membership or a period of suspension to be determined by the G.P.C.
No person may be expelled without first being given the opportunity to appear before the G.P.C. Twenty one days notice must be given to a member summoned before the G.P.C. such notice to include the nature of the complaint. During this period the member will be excluded from the Club.
A decision will be determined by a two-thirds majority of the voting G.P.C. members present. A member’s expulsion under this rule will be of immediate effect and no claim against the Club, the G.P.C. or any member will be accepted. Any expelled member or person serving a suspension may not enter the Club or its auxiliary premises at any time.
Appeal against suspension or expulsion may be made to an appointed panel consisting of Club members.
Members of visiting teams and their guests, likewise bowlers playing in competitions and their guests will be permitted to use the Club’s facilities. The G.P.C. with discretionary powers may permit other clubs and/or associations the private use of the Clubhouse for which a charge will be made and determined by the G.P.C. The facilities on these occasions shall be normal. The exclusive use of the Clubhouse will not be permitted at any time.During the Hove Open Tournament participants and their guests may use the Club’s facilities, subject to Rule 9, and will be bound by the Club’s
An individual guest may only be signed in a total of six times a year. Only Full Members may sign in guests. Four guests shall be the maximum a Member may sign in on any one visit. The Visitor Book must be made up and signed. Guests must be accompanied by the Member who shall be responsible for their conduct and adherence to the rules of the Club whilst on the premises. Guests are not permitted to make any purchase whilst on the premises. No person who has been suspended or expelled shall be admitted as a guest.
Not less than two trustees, but no more than four, will be appointed from among the full members of the Club to hold office, by and with the consent of the G.P.C.3
They shall be allowed to take part and attend G.P.C. meetings, but not vote. Notice of any intended resignation is to be given to the G.P.C. in writing.
All property and investments will be vested in the Trustees, who will act in strict accordance with the directions of the G.P.C.
They will hold the power to sell, lease, mortgage or pledge any Club property and/or investments for the purpose or raising and/or borrowing money for the sole benefit of the Club, under the instruction and direction of the G.P.C.
Any essential borrowing the Trustees might have to make will be under the strict limitations and directions of the above, and secured against the assets of the Club. A borrowing of up to £10 000 in any one year shall be permitted by the G.P.C. without any further authorisation and secured against the assets of the Club. Any borrowing in excess of £10 000 shall only be permitted by a resolution at a General or Special General Meeting approved by not less than 75% of the members present and eligible to vote.
In the event of the Trustees being required to give guarantees in respect of any borrowing on the Club’s behalf then the Trustees shall be indemnified by the Club Membership, such indemnity to be shared by the membership and proportionate to the Club membership as at the date of the incurred liability.
Each and every Trustee will be indemnified by the Club against all action, liability costs, and/or damages and claims arising out of or because of their incumbent duties as Trustees of the Club.
The Annual General Meeting will be held between January 1st and January 21st.
THIRTY days notice of the Annual General Meeting is to be posted on the Club notice board, and the agenda posted not less than 10 days before the date of the meeting. The Secretary shall be responsible for informing all members by post and include Minutes of the previous meeting, Agenda, Treasurer’s Report including accounts, Chairman’s Report, Secretary’s Report and any other information pertinent to the Meeting. Any item for inclusion on the Agenda must be submitted and received by the Secretary, in writing, at least 17 days before the date of the A.G.M. Only business itemised on the Agenda shall be conducted at the Meeting. The Agenda shall include reports from Chairman, Treasurer, Captain, Secretary, Bowling Committee and Match Secretary; the presentation of accounts, the election of Officers, General Purposes Committee and the Bowling Committee.
Two scrutineers and the Secretary will oversee the ballot, and the results announced with number of votes cast for each candidate. No Member seeking office shall be a scrutineer but may attend the count as an observer. Members may vote for a maximum of FIVE nominees for the G.P.C. In the event of a tie another ballot must be held. In the event of a second tie the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.
At the direction of the G.P.C. or at the request of not less than twenty five Members which request shall be submitted in writing and given to the Secretary an EGM shall be called by the Secretary within 14 days of such request.
Such meeting shall be held on not less than14 or more than 28 days notice. Notice of the meeting and the reason for which it has been convened shall be posted on the Club Notice board. No other business shall be transacted thereat.
Every candidate for Office or Membership of the G.P.C. must be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Their names together with the Proposer and Secondermust be entered on the Nomination Sheet exhibited on the Club Notice board from November 1st. Nominations shall close on December 19th and the Nomination Sheet removed. All Candidates must signify acceptance of their Nomination by signing the Nomination sheet. Failure to do so shall render the Nomination null and void. Candidates, Proposers and Seconders must have been full members of the Club for a minimum of One year. The positions of Captain, Vice-Captain and Junior Vice-Captain will be open for nomination and election each year and will carry an automatic place on the G.P.C.
The Financial Year will end on September 30th each year and all Club accounts including every item of income and expenditure , together with records of all monies received and paid, will be presented to the Club Auditor (who will be appointed by the GPC) and subsequently to the A.G.M.4All book-keeping and account preparation will be conducted by an independent external professional Chartered Accountant as may be appointed by the GPC.
The G.P.C. may from time to time make, vary or revoke By-laws (not inconsistent with these rules) for the internal well being of Members and the Club. Until revoked all bylaws shall be binding on members. These by-laws shall be displayed in the Clubhouse.
The G.P.C. shall have the power to appoint a President from amongst full members of the Club whom it considers to be worthy of such honour. The office of President is for a term of two years, but may be extended year by year by consent of the G.P.C. The President may attend meetings of the GPC but has no voting right.
The Rules of the Club may at any time be amended, repealed or replaced by a resolution at an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Club provided that any resolution concerning these rules must receive a simple majority of the members present and entitled to vote and is not inconsistent with the club Constitution..
Any dispute out of, or not covered by, these Rules shall be referred to the G.P.C. whose decision is final. A member wishing to register a complaint on any matter relating to any activities of the Club must do so in writing to the Secretary who will communicate any decisions taken by the G.P.C. in writing to the complainant.
The Bowling Committee is a sub-committee of the G.P.C.
The Bowling Committee shall consist of Captain, Vice-Captain, Junior Vice-Captain and three other members elected at the Annual General Meeting. Should the membership of the Bowling Committee fall below six the Bowling Committee shall have the right to co-opt members to fill any vacancy. Co-option must be voted on at a meeting of the Bowling Committee and reported to the G.P.C.
The Bowling Committee shall have responsibility for all national, county, district and Club competitions, including the appointment of Captains for each league team entered. The Committee may delegate to individual members responsibility for particular competitions.
The Bowling Committee has a duty to promote the coaching of Members.
The Bowling Committee shall minute all meetings which must be presented to the G.P.C. The quorum for a meeting shall be three members.
The Captain and Vice-Captain shall be responsible for friendly matches in liaison with the Match Secretary.
Entry into Club and Representative Competitions carries an obligation to be available for a minimum of FIVE friendly matches during the season. At discretion of the GPC failure to comply will incur disqualification from entry to these competitions in the following season. The Secretary shall notify the member if this rule has been infringed. The member shall have a right of appeal to the G.P.C. under Rule 16.
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